Hockey vs Cricket

Hockey vs Cricket

A debate on the National Game is on the hot spot go in the nation. Former Olympic Hockey player Baljit Singh said rashly that after winning the world cup for eight times, you can claim Cricket as the national game.

And this rashness and eruption is due to the statement of former cricket player Patodi who asked to replace Cricket as the national game in place of Hockey and to give authorization on the same. A strong opposes araised around the game ground.

And Baljit replied “Yet cricket has not been included in Olympic. So let the cricket team win 8 world cups and then they can claim like this. Now hockey is in the critical situation, but soon it will reach the top". Soon hockey will shine in its old glory. Before these developed and comforts, Hockey shined without any facilities and earned many crowns to the nation in black and white period.

Also Former Hockey group official Gil added that hockey is being played in 100 nations rather hockey is in 8 or 10 nations only; Hockey is one of the Olympic Games but cricket is not and anyone can play cricket but only the well trained and physically fit player can alone play hockey.

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