LTTE Lost Kilinochi

LTTE Lost Kilinochi

Colombo: Sri Lankan Army successfully captured the Political Headquarter of LTTE the Kilinochi. Kilinochi is situated to the South of Parantan. It is a beautiful place, thickly populated with well stuck natural resources. This is one of the biggest ever success of the Lankan while fighting for the past twenty five years. Recently countrymen captured the Parantan. From here they improved their on go while loosing many armed men to the forces of LTTE.

Air Force

But this loss did not put up the defeat heat with fear; rather they strived on foot. When they entered Kilinochi, a prolonged terrific fight happened between the countrymen and the Tigers while giving the place to the Lankan armed forces. Also the Air force of Lanka helped much to the army in this struggle more over the victory.

Running Race of Tiger

Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Ealam LTTE, the Tigers ran away putting down their weapons when the countrymen entered Kilinochi with strong attack. Many Tigers died and many more injured.
Little back earlier the Sri Lankan government asked the Tigers to surrender and also they are not ready to stop the war until they recover the remaining parts of Lanka from the hands of Tigers.

Importance Of Kilinochi

This historical Kilinochi restoration is a big loss for the Tigers because Kilinochi was the Political Headquarter for them before it was being restored by the countrymen.
Kilinochi was the main meeting place and also the discussion yard for the Tigers. It is such an important place that the Peace making effort meetings were held here. It also functioned as the air landing for the Tigers.

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