NIIT National IT Aptitude Test

NIIT National IT Aptitude Test

NIIT's training solutions are in the field of IT, Business, Finance and Insurance and so on.NIIT the leading Global Development Corporation , a Learning Solution Provider conducts a Nation Wide IT Aptitude Test, NITAT.

NITAT - A Glance

In busy world we forget to test our intelligene and rate where we are. So this NITAT will help you to understand and anlyse your aptitude skills, analytical skills, personality profile, strength and weakness of your IT aptitude skills.
It is the nationally recognised IT Aptitude test.

The Duration of this test is 90 minutes which will be held in 160 cities simultaneously in India, by the NIIT officials. Lakhs of candidates will participate in this mass test. The test will not evaluate your programming knowledge or knowledge of computers. It purely tests your Logical, Analytical , Verbal Ability and problem Solving skills.


* College students
* Engineering students
* Graduates of any discipline
* Students who completed higher secondary education and those who await for results


* NITAT is purely test of objective type
* Not an explainatory type
* Mark your answers in a separate answer sheet provided to you
* Mobiles/ Cell Phones/Calculators are not allowed in exam hall
* Asseble 30 minutes before at the test avenue
* Misconduct inside the exam hall will lead to disqualification

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