How to get new Ration Card ?

Every family residing in a State is entitled to have ration card under the regulations as prevalent from time to time.

What is the procedure to get new Ration Card ?
How to get new Ration Card ?
How to register for Ration Card ?

Simple application forms in easy language will be available at D.F.S.C./ D.F.S.O./A.F.S.O. / I.F.S. office for being filled by the applicants for Ration Cards (PassPort size Photographs may be required to be affixed if so required in the Application Form). Special arrangements are made at District Office to help the applicants to fill up the forms and to explain the procedure followed before Ration Cards are issued in their favor.

Every application for Ration Card will be duly acknowledged on the spot and given a suitable Registration Number.The acknowledgment slip will indicate the date on which the Ration Card can be collected in case all information as required have been correctly given and it has been possible for the authorities to do the re4quired verification and complete the various formalities.

In case the Ration Card is not ready for collection on the date as specified in the acknowledgment slip, the reasons for the delay and the likely date by which the card will be available will also be invariably intimated.

All Ration Card holders will be suitably advised and given appropriate guidance regarding the FPS at which they could register their cards for obtaining supplies. Any difficulty faced by the cardholders in this regard will be resolved within two days by deputing appropriate inspecting officials to the FPS under intimation to the cardholder.

All staff and officials having public contact in connection with the issue of Ration Cards will wear name badges and will attend to the needs of the public courteously and promptly.

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