kva vs mva, kva vs watt

In General , KVA = 1000 Watts. But practically there is some deviation or difference in power factors for KVA and KW, if you discuss this for AC against DC. But this will not deviate and no concern to anyone.
Bu the above discussion is valid only for resistive Loads like heaters, light bulbs etc.

There is a lot of difference between these two. Voltage and Ampere are not in phase. You can take computers , motors as example.

One can calculate VA by multiplying the voltage and ampere.
But Watts represents the Power.When coming to the theoretical explanation, W represents the power consumed actually, whereas VA represents the potential power. The electricity consumed by the appliances when it is running is interpreted as W.

Now there is yet another crucial gap in understanding between KVA and MVA.
k stands for kilo and m stands for million, not much difference if one knows the concept of VA, VA is the apparent power or the reactive power VAR.

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