Market Outlook

February Last Week
Market Past Week
Last week was a tough one for the bulls and favored many thirsty bears in the market.For many session in the trading the indicator was in red. But on Thursday the swing was in both region for the rates to go up and down against the down swing in the previous days. The fall in rupee brought the market up as it went weak upto 50 a dollar and this favored many software companies abide with their expectations. In return the shares of the IT sector struggled to stop downside and looked up. One thing to notice is, market dismissed the sentiments of decrease in inflation data. The decrease in inflation rate is due to the stagnant in the all over market an industries.

Sleeping Money
Last quarter of Last year, people prayed to decrease the inflation, but at the same time the continuous decrease in inflation will lead to the deflation that is also worst behavior of economy so now people pray to moderate the inflation data. This is due to the fact that most of the investors want to keep the money afresh instead of investing and burning the fingers due to the unexpected news in economy around the world. Also the mutual funds continue to lock their money in their lockers instead of driving the funds inside the market.According to data mutual funds have the hard money in hand estimated to Rs 9,729 crores which is around two billion dollar. If this two billion dollar enters the market a new trend will start for the sure, in the market.

Rate cut hopes
Country owned bank, State Bank Of India, SBI announced the home loan interest rate as 8% for teh first year. This engulfed the competition amidst the other banks. And by the result many banks announced the same home loan scheme.Decrease in home loan interest and home values are green signals to the investors. In the final lap of discussion, market depends on the rate cut report from the Reserve Bank Of Idia, RBI. Over the expectation of this rate cut report, rate cut sensitives stocks shall meet demand and give decent gains.

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