Exam Tips

Examination Tips ?
How To Study ?
How To Prepare For The Exam ?
Dos and Donts during Exam Preparation ?

Read below carefully to get the above questions answered

2 To 4 What To Do ?

My Examination Tip says a student must take rest between 2am and 4am critically during examination schedule. Read the following proof to judge yourself.

Students' Mentality
In general, the mentality of the students' is to spend more time to go through the book in view to get through the examination. They used to spend more time for covering the entire part of syllabus.Of course this is essential in exam point of view.

Logically this works fine. Physically what happens in the mind machine. Will the Brain works to the extent what the students want to be. Do you know research says a reasonable percentage of the students sit in front of the books during night for the self satisfaction rather than sending core concentration.

What happens ? !
Yes your guess goes correct. I know every person who reads the topic above, wonder that whether the topic is Interrogatory or Exclamatory. The answer from my side is both. Because the answer to the above question is like that.

Ok. Coming back to the question. When a student spends the whole night in studying, physically the brain gets tired. Next morning in examination hall he must be stable enough to vomit what his brain swallowed. But whats happening in reality.

Generally brain needs energy to memorize and to recollect the memorized like how we keep and take books in and from shelves. So unless his stuff is more enough to recollect he can proceed. Otherwise he cannot. Ultimately what a well prepared student says is he studied well, he knows complete solution for that problem, he knows entire flow of the answer but he couldn't recollect at that time, he attempted same either or choice by mistake and so on. Did you notice the answers ? Yes from these now you will agree my below examination tips that should be followed.

Everyone in the globe is aware about the robbery that's happening around us(Pray God that we should not be the victim !!). What's the relation with this ? The basement of building my proof is here only. Do you know the ideal time to Rob a hut or a bungalow or an industry(closed one) is night time between 2 am and 4 am. Got teh Point ? Not yet ! Oh yeah !!

Science says that's the time brain is in deep sleep forgetting its function. Even at midnight we would wake if we hear a noise. But during this crucial hour we wont as brain is running under the sleep tunnel many kms long. It will come to top gear around 4 am. So that only when we wake up early morning we would not get up at 4 am we would stop the alarm or set the time to 5 am. So this time is to take the ultimate rest.

By the time everyone who reads the explanation understand what to do in 2 to 4. Yes study until 1 am or 2 am but not more than. Keep 1 am as the final lap and finish the final trip by 2 and start sleeping. Nothing would fly from your memory if you sleep unless you are confident with your preparation in the previous weeks. Wake up after 4 am but not late at 6 am You will miss the train. Follow this tip. All the BEST for your SUCCESS.

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