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March Third week

Last Week
Again revisit and read carefully and patiently what i recommended in last week March Second Week market outlook. Yes all of my advised support levels for global market were true 200% and you people are the witnesses.

Bombay Stock Exchange BSE has touched 8100 mark and took U turn as i said and rallied 800 points. When it will stop ? Yes it is trying to enter in to 9500 zone. Bet it will !!

National Stock Exchange NSE found support at 2600 levels. Always there is a lucky support for Nifty at these levels. yeah it grabbed the support and moved 200 points upward. Huge profits made. Did you ? If not again enter at these levels. No wrong to fear of the bankruptcy statements. Such yellow filings are over like winter and its hot to buy.

Foreign Exchange
Forex!!!Have you tasted the rally in rupee against dollar ? If not dont worry many more to come. RSI is strong. Within few weeks it can firs to 54 as already it crossed 52.

Gold Investment
Again i recommending the day traders and swing traders to get out in any rally in gold. Because, do you know what type of pattern formed in the gold chart ? candlestick pattern or gravestone doji ?? Decide yourself and see the traders and investors running behind the equity by withdrawing from gold investment. Yes honeymoon is over for bulls in this yellow metal gambling.

Stock views
Stock Recommendations
Do you know ? Last week i challenged the readers that Be ready for the Global market rally. As per my recommendations, all global market bottomed out and saw fresh rally. Even the Dow rallied for straight fifth session from its 12 year low.Just look at that March Second Week market outlook and check your portfolio. If you would have added any stock in your portfolio, then you will be smiling with profits.

Software companies can benefit due to the on going rally in rupee against US dollar." This was my last week mantra !! Happened ? Yes you can visualize it. HCl up 10% from the day of my recommendation. Do you know the reason why ? We already know the news that you read today that HCL bagged order worth billion. Is not it ?

Real estate stocks are not seeing that much volume these days due to the fear among investors about the bottoming out events in this sector. But as my recommendations go strong and winning strategy, one can accumulate reality stocks at these levels. I say reality already corrected well and bottomed out.

Stocks to buy

Now it is the time to debate which stock to buy at this level. BSNL is planning for an IPO. Bandwidth for 3G goes fine among the mobile operators like Bharti. This is the hint to buy such sector stocks.

Deflation fear is sticking among the investors concerning the banking sectors. Yes some tough time might rain in banking stocks and it is advisable to play with large cap bank stocks at safe levels. Even Goldman predicts this deflation.

Tata's debt is estimated to cross Rs 1 trillion. So dont touch any of... Youpredict what i am trying to say.

LIC Housing Fin cuts rates by 75 bps. Will these flood money into the market. Sure no doubt in this. This will be the eyeopener for tuesday's session with green movement.

I am not playing with your as i dint say that you buy or sell a particular stock at particular level. You just see the last week stock tips and revert me whether it is success or failure.

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