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April Fourth week

Last Week
All markets around the globe galloped to give very good profits to the investors. Especially the global investors and the country owned investors entered the market thinking teh share markets around the world has started to take upward journey; of course it happened.

Especially Indian markets like NSE and BSE reacted too fast and sensitively which touched 3500 and 11000 crucial marks respectively. No one could have thought that Nifty will cross 3000 mark when it was struggling around 2500. Many stocks gave hundred percent returns within a month. Some of those are Reliance Infrastructure Limited, IndiaBulls Real Estate, Jai Corp, Hindustan Copper, Deccan Chornicle, Essar Oil, and Unitech.

Critical Supports for Global market

All share markets in the globe tasted this huge bull run for raised around 30% from recent fall. Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ were the key indicators for this run as they gave green signal around thier crucial support levels.

Nikkie is oscillating in levels around 9000 mark which is a good sign of indication to restore another smart northward journey but this could not be bull run. If it corrects one can expect 500-700 points reduced from current level.

China market is facing crucial support at 2500. It is tough to predict the levels as this market is not suitable to market profits since the reaction to the bull run was not sufficient.

Honk Kong market Hang Seng has already breached the crucial support of 15500. Will it remain range bound at these levels or drop down. Chances are less to make a downfall as the next quarter results will be out in few weeks and one can expect decent profit results as each and every part of industry is trying to pull up fom the recent economic recession pit.

Singapore Market is good if it withstand the fall upto 1800.

Bombay Stock Exchange BSE has touched the 8100 mark and took sharp U turn which went to break 11000 mark as expected by the bullish investors.

National Stock Exchange NSE is trying to withheld the 3500 lelvels. Yes it is sure that our sweet Nifty will not go below 3000 mark atleast for another couple of fort night days and it will wait for the signal from Election results.

IPL Impact

Indian share market is nice to play. Some key stimulators like MP election , IPL are not of much effect in this season. Since DLF IPL 2009 is being played in South Africa most of the gamblers are not feeling to be suitable in foreign soil and hence they choose stay in the market itself which is yet another indicator that our market will not go below 10000 mark again. Bet ??

Election mania

Every election is a liquor for market as market will show upward movements until the results are out. If the results are favor then the investors locked at recent higher levels can cash out at yet another peek and those who entered at worst levels can make huge profits. Recent day traders are counting the money bunches since the intraday trade swing was best of the best in last couple of weeks.

Foreign Exchange

Rupee is continuously strengthening against dollar as the crude oil price was not that much effective and affective to the market to show ugly reaction. Rupee has strengthened to show levels below 50 against dollar and it is good if it does not go below 49 as this is defective for software industry and will affect market movements.

Gold Investment

As expected the yellow metal is facing tough time and such investors are benefiting a lot as the swing is not good. Since this is the season of demand the gold prices are range bound. If it maintains the current level then it will show narrow slip when demand falls in two to three months. So gold investors be cautious at current levels of 860-880. Chart shows 760 levels are shining. Will you invest now ??

Stock views
Stock Recommendations

Tech mahindra and satyam shares are in decent gains as Tech mahindra has won the bid in acquiring Satyam while L&T lost it.

Real estate stocks are seeing huge volumes. Also vacation has come which is the time to buy new lands. Is this the indication for this sector to give good returns in near future. The answer from me is Yes !!

Stocks to buy

Reality stocks like DLF, IBREALEST, UNITECH are good to buy at these levels.

Oil sectors are like sticky to profits and there will not be so much deviation from current levels. So one can buy oil sector shares confidently but in different lots and levels.

This week market expects the announcement of Rate cut from RBI. So it is better to be cautious with Bank and finance sectors.

Sugar prices are increasing and one can opt sugar stocks like Dhampur Sugars, Uttam Sugars, Bajaj hindustan and other related stocks with good market cap.

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