Protection againt swine flu

How to protect against Swine Flu ?

Protection Against Swine Flu :

1) During cough or sneeze , better to cover the nose and mouth with a tissue and throw the tissue in the trash.

2) Periodically wash the hands with soap and water. This is vital after cough or sneeze.

3) For effective results use alcohol-based hand cleaners

4) Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. The virus can spread this way

5) Avoid close contacts with the infected people

6) Take off from work and stay at home, if infected. This will avoid spreading to other persons.

Steps to avoid spreading of swine flu :

7) If you got sick then it is better to limit the contact with the other people

8) Be separated by taking leave to office or school

9) Wash the hands regularly with soap and water which keeps away the germs.

10) Wash/clean the hands with alcohol-based hand cleaner.

11) When gel is used to clean the hands, rub the hands until the gel get dried. This is done because water is not needed when gel is used as the alcohol present in the gel will kill the germs on the hands.

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