First Malayalee's social networking site. Its a good news that the mallus can share their relation as words, voice and videos. More interesting thing is that they can write their joy in local language malayalam.

Its just like the well known social networking site Orkut. Difference is Orkut is meant world wide but this is created mainly for the mallus and of course people from worldwide can register here.
People can register as like any other site with their own userid and password.

Features :

Following are the features with which koottam feels pround in this e world.

Blogs :

Members can create blogs in which they are free to share their informations and publish it.
Fact is the avtive and frequently flooded blogs are listed in Top Blogs and the bloggers are honoured as Top Bloggers.

Forums :

As well known by the internet users, a forum is a place or section in a website where the registered members of that site can discuss about any matter of interest abiding the terms and conditions of the website.

Videos :

Members can add their videos to share their live moments to the friends and relatives world wide.

Photos :

Just like picasa world wide, members of koottam can very well upload their photos to show the steps of evolution to those who are far away in any part of the world.

Events :

Koottam members cab update the events around them and can initiate the information to others. This can be understood like the event alerts.

Chat :

Most like any other chatting registered members can sign in and chat to others whoever it may be.


Authentication is the process which is very necessary to maintain the confidentiality. To achieve this kottam uses Ning ID.Authentication using Ning ID enables one to choose an email id and password. With this members can use that Ning ID to join or sign into any other social networking site that uses Ning ID.

Whenever a member creates a Ning ID, he/she can add basic details, photo to his/her Ning ID account. By this method the entered details are pre-published whenever he/she joins a new social networking site that implements the Ning ID for authentication system/purposes.
This also allows the members to keep lively of their friends and messages shared across all the social networks whatever implements this system of verification.
One can sign in with their Ning ID email address and password when they see the Ning ID symbol.

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