Microsoft pubCenter

Microsoft pubCenter is one that allows the web site publishers to earn money by placing the ads on their web pages. When the users visit their site/s and click on those ads, then the publisher of that website earns money from the advertiser through Microsoft.


* Ads are placed on the website which generate earnbings as said above

* These ads are highly targeted and relevant to the site contents whihc ultimately gets the user attention and also useful to the readers of that site

* Publishers can take full control of how the ads should look like and how it should be felt

* Ads are served in different colors, shapes, sizes along with varying visual effects

* Performance of the ads can be tracked at any time through different settings

* Ad settings can be varied and unwanted ads can be blocked

* No joining fees to become a publisher of Microsoft pubCenter if they satisfy the guidelines, terms and conditions of participation

* Payments are issued to the publishers when the threshold for payment is reached

* No restriction for the websites could be big or small

* Ads can be placed on the search engines and also on the MSN properties

Origin of Ads

Online advertisers can freely sign up with Microsoft adCenter if they meet the editorial and other program policies and terms and conditions. The advertisers can be on a large scale or small scale, from business to commercial and also could be charitable organizations, individual and other promoters.

In order not get poorly targeted ads or very few ads, publishers should make sure that their Robots.txt file is crawlable. During the first time when the ad codes are placed on the website, the ads may not appear immediately if the Robots.txt file is not configured to allow the MSN crawler.
To allow the two crawlers, the robots.txt file should be edit :

* user-agent : MSNBot

* user-agent : MSNPTC

More informations about the robots.txt file is available at


Settings are available through which a list of urls and keywords for Microsoft pubCenter can be blocked while ads are delivered on the ad units. This list is called Filters.First channels need to be created for the filters to work. Once the filters are created, channels are to be created while setting the filters. This happens hand in hand. After this the filters will be active, when the web pages are published along with the channel code or id which are embedded in it.

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