Young Achievers Program Model Question Paper

Young Achievers Program Model Question Paper

General Knowledge section

1. Izvestia is the popular daily newspaper of which country?
(a) Czech Republic (b) Armenia (c) Russia (d) Georgia (e) Khazakstan

2. ‘The Land of Flying Fish’ is the nickname of which country?
(a) Ireland (b) Hawaii (c) Barbados (d) Singapore (e) Malta

3. Sports goods are mainly manufactured in
(a) Mumbai (b) Lucknow (c) Chennai (d) Chandigarh (e) Jalandhar

4. Madison Avenue is famous for
(a) Cinema (b) Casinos (c) Advertising agencies (d) Book publishers (e) Stock markets

5. The term ‘Steeple Chase’ is associated with which of the following sports?
(a) Boxing (b) Polo (c) Horse race (d) Rowing (e) Marathon

6. The famous 'Valley of Flowers' is located in which state of India
(a) Uttarakhand (b) Kashmir (c) Kerala (d) Himachal Pradesh (e) Sikkim

7. 'Bihu dance' is the famous dance form of
(a) Manipur (b) Meghalaya (c) Assam (d) Mizoram (e) Arunachal Pradesh

8. Philip Carey is the protagonist of which famous novel?
(a) Pride and Prejudice (b) Great Expectations(c) Of Human Bondage (d) Moon and Six Pence (e) Gulliver's Travels

9. Munich is an important city of
(a) Germany (b) Italy (c) Portugal (d) Spain (e) Latvia

10. The first Indian to receive the Oscar award is
(a) Satyajit Ray (b) Raj Kapoor (c) Dilip Kumar (d) Banu Athaiya (e) Shekar Kapoor

English section

I. Synonyms: Please choose the option with the best meaning for the following questions.

1. EULOGY (a) Vilification (b) Defamation (c) Slander (d) Panegyric (e) Libel

2. MENDACIOUS (a) Untruthful (b) Fabulous (c) Imaginary (d) Horrible (e) Flabby

II. Antonyms: Please choose the option with the best antonym for the following questions.

1. ECLECTIC (a) Extensive (b) Liberal (c) Tepid (d) Cosmic (e) Parochial

2. MAGNANIMOUS (a) Altruistic (b) Chivalrous (c) Selfish (d) Heroic (e) Testy

III. In the following questions, each sentence is divided into four parts (a), (b), (c) and (d). Find out which part of the sentence contains an error. If there is no error, mark your answer as (e).

1. Despite the mixture's volatile nature,/ we find that by lowering its temperature / in the laboratory we could dramatically/ reduce its tendency to vaporize No error

2. The water content / of the air within the eggs are/ greater than that of the air outside it/
and so the pores will also allow water molecules to diffuse out. No error

IV. Choose a suitable one-word substitute for the given phrase from the options under each question.

1. A vehicle with two wheels and seats that is pulled by a horse.
(a) Dogcart (b) Pullman (c) Pushcart (d) Horsebox (e) Buggy

2. A deep narrow valley with steep sides.
(a) Cliff (b) Gorge (c) Gulf (d) Plateau (e) Terrain

V. Choose the option that best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase.

1. He felt ill at ease after receiving the letter from his son.
(a) Disturbed (b) Relieved (c) Embarrassed (d) Insulted (e) Sick

2. He had to eat a humble pie owing to his misdeeds.
(a) Feel disgruntled (b) Apologize humbly (c) Act heroically (d) Be humiliated (e) Accept abuses

Note: These are indicative questions and does not cover the entire syllabus. The syllabus includes General English and Grammar.

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