CCleaner PC Optimization Tool

CCleaner Features

CCleaner is a freeware available in the web. This is basically used as a system optimizer, privacy and cleaning tool.
One can allow the system to run faster by removing the unused, unwanted files and this can be done by using this application.
It has added fully featured registry cleaning process that makes the pc running faster by freeing the junk space occupied in the hard disk.


CCleaner removes the following in the applications like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, opera, Safari, Windows, Registry Cleaner, Third Party Applications:

* Temporary files
* History
* Cookies
* Download history
* Form history
* Autocomplete form history
* index.dat
* Log files
* Recycle Bin
* Recent Documents
* Temporary files
* Unused and old entries
* File Extensions
* ActiveX Controls
* ClassIDs
* ProgIDs
* Uninstallers
* Application Paths
* Shared DLLs
* Fonts
* Help Files
* Invalid Shortcuts
* Icons

After Installation

Once the CCleaner software has been installed, a desktop icon will be created like other installations.
This application can be opened by the following ways.

(1) Double-clicking the desktop icon
(2) Right click the Recycle bin and select the "open CCleaner" in the menu
(3) Go to Start->Programs->CCleaner

There is yet another way to clean the system by clicking the Run CCleaner option in the Recycle bin menu.

CCleaner Sections

There are four sections in the main window in which Cleaner is set as default.


System optimization can be done by removing the unused and temporary files through this cleaner feature.
This will remove even the traces of the websites visited and the files opened,thereby keeping up the privacy protected.


Usually the windows system's are stored in the registry. This feature analyses and fix the problems if any in the registry.


Main function of this feature is to manage the applications and programs whichever being installed in the computer that start running once the pc is turned on.


From the name of this feature one can very well understand that this used to set the preferences as how the CCleaner should run.


This is an enhancement in the software point of view. There are a list of items displayed in the settings tab.
By checking or un checking one can make the CCleaner what to remove and what should not be removed.
For instance, if you uncheck the cookies, then the internet cookies stored will not be removed.

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