Nirma Institute of Management Model Question Paper

Nirma Institute of Management, Nirma University
Section 1: Logic and Data Interpretation
Read the information given below and answer Q.1 to Q.2.
A factory is producing two products bath detergent and wash detergent. In manufacturing bath detergent machine and labour
require 5 hours and 3 hours respectively and in manufacturing of washing detergent machine and labor require 3 hours each.
Machine and labour work at most 70 hours and 54 hours per week respectively. The profit on bath detergent and washing
detergent is Rs. 8 and Rs. 6 respectively.
1. For maximum profit in a week, how many numbers of bath detergent and washing detergent should be produced?
a. 8 bath detergents and 10 washing detergents b. 18 bath detergents only
c. 9 bath detergents and 9 washing detergents d. 18 washing detergents only
2. How much can be the maximum profit per week?
a. Rs. 64 b. Rs. 112
c. Rs. 124 d. Rs. 136
Each question is followed by two statements, (A) and (B). Answer Q.3 using the following instructions:
Choose (a) if statement (A) alone is sufficient to solve the question, but statement (B) alone is not.
Choose (b) if statement (B) alone is sufficient to solve the question, but statement (A) alone is not.
Choose (c) if the question can be answered by using both statements together, but cannot be answered by using either
statement alone.
Choose (d) if both the statements (A) and (B) are individually sufficient to solve the question.
Choose (e) if the question cannot be answered even by using both statements together.
3. There are 82 students in a class who study Maths or Physics or both. How many study both subjects?
(a) 32 students study Physics.
(b) 50 students study only Maths.
(c) Both A and B are required.
(d) A and B individually are sufficient.
(e) None of the statements A and B can answer the question.
Refer to the following line graph and answer Q.4 to Q.5.
Stock price movements over a week
268 268
269 269
280 280
285 283
290 287
295 292 295
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Nirma Institute of Management, Nirma University
4 Your trading strategy involves buying a stock on one day and selling it the next day and you engage in only one transaction a
week. Which transaction will give maximum percentage of return on your investment?
a. M&M – Buy on Wednesday b. Colgate – Buy on Monday
c. GAC – Buy on Monday d. None of these
5. If your trading strategy involves selling a stock on one day and buying it at a lower price the next day, and you are limited to
one transaction a week, which of the following transactions would you be involved in to earn maximum percentage of return?
a. Sell AP on Thursday b. Buy TELCO on Friday
c. Sell GAC on Tuesday d. None of these
Section 2: Quantitative Skills
1. Two tins A and B contain mixtures of wheat and rice. In A, the weights of wheat and rice are in the ratio of 2:3 and in B they
are in the ratio of 3:7. What quantities must be taken from A and B to form a mixture containing 5 kg of wheat and 11 kg of
a. 3 kg from A, 13 kg from B b. 8 kg from A, 8 kg from B
c. 2 kg from A, 14 kg from B d. 6 kg from A, 10 kg from B
2. A sum of Rs. 3800 is lent out in two parts in such a way that the interest on one part at 8% for 5 years is equal to that on
another part at ½% for 15 years. Find the sum lent out at 8%.
a. Rs. 800 b. Rs. 600
c. Rs. 1200 d. Rs. 1300
Read the information given below and answer Q.3 and Q.4.
A, B, C, D, E and F are seated in a circle facing the center. D is between F and B.
A is second to the left of D and second to the right of E.
3. Who is facing A ?
a. B b. D
c. F d. Either F or B
4. Who amongst the following is facing D ?
a. A b. C
c. E d. Cannot be determined
Nirma Institute of Management, Nirma University
Section 3: Verbal Skills
This section contains questions 1 - 2 which test your recognition of correct grammatical usage, your vocabulary and
familiarity with words, your understanding and comprehension of the language (English) while reading, and your ability
to write clearly and briefly.
Read the directions for each set of questions carefully. Directions may change.
Directions: Answer the questions after reading the passage. Base your answer on information that is either stated or implied in the
The sad truth is out. In its annual report for the year ending March 2003, the Central Bank of India has said that the Indian
economy is in a much worse condition than hitherto believed. If so, what is the use of foreign exchange reserves worth $44 billion
and food stocks of 60 million tonnes ?
Going by the Finance Minister's remarks, it appears that India cannot be an island of growth when the world economy is on a
downward trend. But the CBI report has noted that global recession is only one of the factors for the slowdown in India,
particularly in the external front. The major cause for concern is the prolonged recession in the industry which is yet to show signs
of recovery.
Significantly, when the CBI unfolded its credit policy in April 2003, it painted an optimistic picture, projecting a GDP growth of 6
to 6.5 percent of the fiscal 2003 - 2004. Four months later, the CBI feels that it is better to be discreet than make bold forecasts.
Hence, the conspicuous absence of a revised GDP growth estimate. With economic deceleration continuing into the second year,
the CBI has raised doubts over the Planning Commission's optimism about higher growth in the medium term. How is it possible
to achieve the Tenth Plan objective of 8 Percent GDP unless industry grows at 10 percent ? While the industry grew at 5.6 percent
during 2001-02, it fell below 2 percent in the first Quarter of the current fiscal year (2003-04). By the CBI's own admission, its
earlier projection of 6 to 6.5 percent GDP growth was based on a reversal of industrial slowdown following expectations of a
favorable monsoon (2003). The monsoons have been satisfactory, but the industry has not recovered.
The CBI has called for Labour reforms, exit procedures, bankruptcy laws, PSU reforms etc. But these involve substantive
legislation which can take time since a consensus has to be achieved on those sensitive issues across the political spectrum. The
key to recovery lies in easy action by way of increased public spending. Global recession cannot inhibit the creation of domestic
demand if the government wants to invest in the infrastructure like roads, ports and housing. What is the use of holding huge food
stocks if it cannot be used immediately to create physical assets in rural areas ? The need is for action, not rhetoric.
1. According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE ?
a) CBI in its annual report said that slowdown in the Indian economy is largely due to economic recession globally.
b) CBI in its report said that the Indian economy is not so much worse as the economists would like us to believe.
c) The CBI report has noted the major cause for concern is the prolonged recession in the industry, which is yet to show signs
of recovery.
d) In its annual report, the CBI has projected a GDP growth of 6 to 6.5 percent for the fiscal 2003 - 04.
2. According to the passage, ------
a) India cannot be an island of growth when the world economy is on a downward trend.
b) The tenth plan objective of 8 percent GDP growth will be achieved once the industry picks up its growth rate of 10 percent.
c) Indian economy is still substantially agricultural and hence weather dependent.
d) CBI admitted that its earlier projection 6 to 6.5 percent GDP growth was estimated on expectation of a favorable monsoon
and likely reversal of industrial slowdown.
Nirma Institute of Management, Nirma University
Directions for Questions 3-5: Blank spaces are left in the sentences or passages. Each blank indicates that something has
been omitted. Beneath the sentences or passages, four words or set of words, numbered a, b, c, and d are given to fill up these
blanks most meaningfully. Choose the word or set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a
3. For some time now, --------- has been presumed not to exist: the cynical conviction that everybody has an angle is considered
a) diffidence c) disinterestedness
b) insincerity d) rationality
4 The speed of light - that seemingly inexorable constant, _____ appears to have different values. This would make the classic
Einsteinian Universe, where everything stays smooth forever, an immediate ________.
a)now ……… doubt c) presently ……… questionable
b) seemingly …. untenable d) suddenly …….. casualty
Section 4: General Awareness
1. The creator of Harry Potter series of novels is…
a. J K Rowling b. K J Rowling
c. Salman Rushdie d. T S Eliot
2. An Indian city was declared as the World Book Capital for the year 2003-04. The city is…
a. Mumbai b. New Delhi
c. Kolkata d. Chennai
3. On which date World environment day celebrated ?
a. June 6 b. June 10
c. June 18 d. June 5

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