Installing g2ipmsg in Ubuntu

Installing ip messenger g2ipmsg in Ubuntu Linux is very easy. But before downloading and installing g2ipmsg in Ubuntu , you have to do some check for prerequisite requirements needed by this messenger. Generally ip messenger is used to communicate with any pc in the same LAN, local area network. All the systems connected in the same network can be easily communicated using this free software.



No need to worry if you dont have these packages in your linux machine.
Just type the following line of code, that will fetch and install the required packages.

sudo apt-get install gettext libpanel-applet2-dev libgnomeui-dev gnome-network-admin

Download and Install g2ipmsg

Once this is over download the g2ipmessenger. g2ipmsg for ubuntu
This is suitable for Ubuntu Hardy, jaunty and Interpid versions and other versions too.

Untar the downloaded g2ipmsg and install as below :

tar -xzvf g2ipmsg-0.9.6.tar.gz
cd g2ipmsg-0.9.6/
sudo ./configure
sudo make
sudo make install

Then check where the package is installed in linux with the following linux command :

which g2ipmsg

location may be in /usr/bin/g2ipmsg or in /usr/local/bin /g2ipmsg

In terminal type cd /usr/loca/bin/g2ipmsg

G2ipmsg icon will be launched in the menu tab. Happy message sending in linux machines.

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