Server Virtualization

Virualization is the terminology spreading in IT industry where server virtualization technology is implemented and which refers to the abstraction of resources from computer virtually. Virtual machines are the software implementation of a computer in which one can work like a real machine.
Types of virualZation are as follows
platform virtualization - where an OS of a machines is separated
Partial virualization - where particular applications are virtually realized other than operating system
Full virtualization - where instructions are being replaced by hardware. Softwares like virtualbox, vmware workstation
memory virualization - a memory pool is created in which there exists teh aggregated RAM resources
Database virtualization - entire database is virtualized
Desktop virtualization - where remote desktop operations are performed
Server virtualiztion - Highly demanded virtualization technique where the servers are virtually accessed. many server virtualization softwares are available in the market.
server virtualization products are supplied in the market on demand.
Windows server virtualization explains the methods of windows server 2008 R2
Red Hatgives server virtualization solution for the virtualization management in linux servers
VMware server virtualization software can be downloaded for trail version to see the benefits of virtualizing a server and accessing it.
xen server virtualization is talk of this technology market. Xen servers can be used whe a data center is planned with intelligent power management, 10gbE gigabit ethernet solutions.
sql server virtualization gives the ultimate server virtuailzation benefits

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