Tips to reduce weight

General nature of human being is lack of planning. In our busy life, we are unable to rather forget to think about our health. We are in search of wealth sparing the health till the age of 40 and after the age of 40 we are in search of health sparing the wealth. So ultimately the wealth created is being destroyed to restore the health, but the result is we could not restore our health as before after 40.

So in the young age itself we should maintain our body behaviour, eat healthy food but not that much fatty foods that will lead to obesity and other side effects.

People suffer from obesity due the eating habits and also through generation. Even though it is said widely that obesity is not genetic, the fat tissue growth are carried through the genes.

Following are the important tips to reduce the weight.

Eat less fat content foods

Drink good amount of juices

Take proteins in large amount which is not supplied to the body in correct ratio

If not controlled though foods, go for gym

Do regular excercies at home

Go for a morning walk

Use vibration belts around the belly to reduce the fat content

Get six pack abdomen through body building gym

Hot bed treatments can be taken to reduce the unwanted fats

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