Website Tracking with Google Reader

Website Tracking with Google Reader
Periodic Website Crawl

Google Reader periodically crawls the favourite websites and other blogs to diggout the new contents in that site if any.No matter whether a site is being updated daily, weekly or monthly we can ensure that we do not miss anything.

Improved Reading Experience

The art of Google Reader lies in the fact that it places the favourite websites at a predefined place which is similar to a customized inbox for whole website.

Google New contents

'N'number of sites update and publish the feeds. Google Reader has incorporated integrated feed system of search which makes easy to explore and find the new contents with matter and area of interest.

Merits and Applications of Google Reader

Feed articles to friends

Similar to podcast feed url, an user can refer his/her friend to the favourites through Google Reader Public Page simply by sending the appropriate links to them, like sending the feeds.

Easy Share

Through the share icon on any of the article, one can make the article appearing immediately in the public page.

Google Reader Widget in iGoogle

Google Reader widget is available in iGoogle so that anyone can make use of it to look for any updates.

Google Reader is more compatible with mobile phone web browser. So it can be used irrespective of place, travel. Get connected and stay tuned with it, if mobile phone browser emulator is available.

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