11 Digit Mobile Number in India

Industry war between incumbent GSM operators and Reliance and Tatas over the DoT's decision to implement 11-digit numbers by adding an extra 9 to all mobile numbers in the country by January 1 2010. COAI while AUSPI, which primarily represents the interests of Tatas, Reliance and Sistema, is in favour of moving to a 11-digit numbering plan. AUSPI thinks that a 11 digit numbering plan will open up opportunities to migrate subscribers from the incumbent operators networks since a mandated change in numbering plan could also be accompanied by a relatively easier decision to change network. With contradicting views on an issue which impacts consumers, it is unclear whether the DoT will be able to proceed at the same pace as it desires. At this time, it seems that the political leadership and the bureaucracy is backing a 11-digit mobile numbering plan to be launched as early as January 2010.:source:infotech:IT:

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