China Computer Hack

Chinese hackers tried to break into computers in the office of India's National Security Adviser (NSA) and some other government departments last month, NSA M K Narayanan has told a leading British daily."This was not the first instance of an attempt to hack into our computers," The Times quoted him as saying."People seem to be fairly sure it was the Chinese. It is difficult to find the exact source but this is the main suspicion. It seems well founded," he said adding India was co-operating with the US and UK to bolster its cyber defences. China has denied any role in the hacking attacks, which began on December 15 and also targeted US defence contractors and finance and technology companies, including Google. "Hacking in whatever form is prohibited by law in China," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu was quoted as saying. Google had last week threatened to shut down its operations in China after uncovering hacking attempts into e-mail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.:source:ndtv

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