Online Driving License Test|Driving License Test Online

Online Driving License Test|Driving License Test Online

The practice test is based on "the book," learn to drive smart (formerly RoadSense for Drivers). This is a reference and study manual about driving for all B.C. motorists, with illustrations of road signs, manoeuvers and other driving tips. You will need to study this manual closely to pass the real knowledge test.

Remember - you need 80 per cent on the real knowledge test to pass.

How the practice driving license test works

Each time you take the practice knowledge test, 25 multiple choice questions are randomly assembled. For each question, four possible answers are offered. Select your answer and click OK

The test will tell you whether your answer is correct or incorrect. It will also refer you to the related page in learn to drive smart.

Any time during the practice test, you can check your progress by clicking the Status button. This will let you know if you're on track to pass.

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