How to stop dogs barking?|Dog Trainings to stop barking|Dog Training Tips

How to stop dogs barking?Dog Trainings to stop barkingDog Training Tips
Before we begin you should understand the fact that every time a dog is howling for barking he is just communicating his feelings to the outer world, just as its normal for humans to speak its normal for dogs to bark.
You would certainly want your dog to stop barking excessively but you would also want your dog to bark when they need to warn you of a danger to you or you property. So, our aim here is not to stop a dog from barking completely, rather how to stop a dog from barking excessively.
Dogs bark for various reasons. Well, you might say “He just barks for no reason whatsoever”, but that is not true folks. Dogs always bark for a reason. An important part of stopping dogs barking is understanding the reason behind such behavior. The possible reasons for a dog barking excessively are - boredom, too cold/warm, excitement, hungry, lonely, warning you of a danger, seeking attention & hunger.
Stopping a dog from barking excessively can be a difficult task, however, with proper training and determined efforts it can be reduced dramatically.
Given below are top 6 tips on how to stop dogs barking -:
1 – If your dog is just barking to seek attention, pay not attention to him. Don’t even say a “no” to stop him & also don’t look towards him. Use your body language to help get the message across that you don’t want to be bothered at the moment.
2 – Try to spend some time everyday with your dog and take him out for a walk. Well exercised dogs are less likely to have such barking issues.
3 – When your dog is barking, use a clear squirt gun to squirt some water on him.
4 – When he is barking, roll up a newspaper and hit it on your palm, this will distract him from barking.
5 – Train your dog to stop barking on command.
6 – Always remember to reward your dog by just saying “good dog” or by giving him a treat when he behaves well.

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