Todd Davis CEO of LifeLock Lost Identity |LifeLock CEO Identity Theft

Todd Davis CEO of LifeLock Lost Identity |LifeLock CEO Identity Theft

Lifelock ( is a Tempe, Arizona-based company that is developing products to address the problems of identity theft. The firm recently raised venture funding from Bessemer Venture Partners, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm, so we thought we'd talk with the company about its services. Techrockies spoke with Todd David, CEO of the firm, to better understand the firm.

What is LifeLock?

Todd Davis: LifeLock is the nation's first and only company that prevents identity theft from happenings, and backs that up with a one million dollar guarantee. If anything happens, while you're a LifeLock client, in any way, we're going to fix the problem using our experts and cover all losses and all expenses up to a million dollars.

How's your service different from credit monitoring tools?

Todd Davis: The biggest difference is credit monitoring and previous offerings are only reactionary. They only tell you after there's been a change on your credit report, or after you've been a victim, and you invoke their insurance policy and try to recover the money. LifeLock actually stops the crime before the happens, by making your information useless to the criminal. In fact, I'm so sure of that, you can print my social security number in the article. It's XXX-XXX-XXXX. (Editor's note: we've opted not to print Todd's social security number, even though he gave it to us and asked us to print it, for legal reasons.

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